Performance Nutrition

Whatever your sport or performance goal Insight provide personalised nutrition plans consistent with current research findings using leading edge technologies to take your performance to the next level.

Insight Nutrition currently work with professional boxers, elite motor racing drivers as well as GB level sprint and Olympic distance tri-athletes.

Client Testimonials

“I can’t thank Insight enough for changing my relationship to food and providing such a cost effective improvement to my training. People underestimate poor nutrition, I would thoroughly recommend seeing this as a vital tool if you’re serious about your sport.”

Nathan Scott – Triathlete

“My diet was right I went in there feeling the best I have ever felt. I’ve been on my weight for 2 weeks and feel super-strong”

Tyler Goodjohn – Professional Boxer

“Just like to say a massive thank you to Michael at Insight Nutrition, he did a great job for this fight – couldn’t of done it without him”

Darren Barker – Former IBF Middleweight Champion of the World

Performance Nutrition Services

Step 1: Nutrition

Dietary Analysis

You keep a 3 day weighed food diary and we analyse it using nutritional software. Feedback includes a detailed breakdown of the nutritional quality of your diet and recommendations for improvements.

Tailored Meal Plans

We design a 7-day meal plan created especially for you. This includes all meals and snacks in line with your eating preferences, energy requirements and goals.

Performance Nutrition Strategies

Following detailed analysis of the requirements of your chosen discipline a personalised nutrition strategy will be developed to work alongside your 7-day meal plan (see above). This includes nutrition prescription before, during and after training enabling maximal training gains, optimising performance in competition. This may include recommendation of ergogenic aids consistent with current research and the APRID framework.

Step 2: Activity



Bespoke Hydration Plans

A specialised service for performance clients. Sweat is analysed and drink composition is then tailored for the individual. Hydration status is monitored by urine refractometry.

Using the latest techniques in nutritional assessment and support we will help you realise your personal goals more efficiently. Whether you are seeking enhanced performance, boosted weight loss or improved general health Insight has the nutrition package for you.

Step 3: Support


Follow up consultations allow meal plans and performance nutrition strategies to be modified and improved. Additionally physiological changes will be tracked including body composition, blood glucose, hydration status and signs of overtraining.

InBody Analysis

InBody provides a non-invasive, accurate measurement of body fat, muscle mass, and metabolic rate. Regular monitoring of physical changes will underpin your ongoing nutrition strategy and performance clients can see the outcomes of their training and nutrition programmes.

Actiheart Analysis

Actiheart is a small device that records the electrical activity of the heart in addition to movement providing a highly accurate measurement of energy expenditure. Actiheart also measures sleep quality, overtraining and predicts VO2 Max (a measurement of aerobic fitness).

For sportsmen and women it is important to consume the right number of calories at the right time. By accurately measuring the energy used during your training week, total energy intake can be set and a bespoke ‘periodised’ meal plan designed to meet your exact energy demands.