Weight Management

Our weight management programmes seek to achieve realistic and sustainable weight loss. Together we will develop a personalised nutrition and activity plan including well balanced, enjoyable meals.

We understand that sticking to changes in diet and lifestyle are difficult to maintain especially in the early stages. Your personal nutritionist will be with you every step of the way offering regular support, motivation and advice.

Client Testimonials

“The support is completely different to anything else out there , you have one on one meetings and the whole of your lifestyle is taken into consideration. There’s no pressure to compete against others within a diet group, it’s getting the right plan for you that’s important.”

“Over the last five years I’ve gone from an overweight smoker, to a non-smoking sub 2 hour half marathon runner, to someone that is now a healthy weight and composition and who has just run a 1:30 half marathon. I’ve worked with Insight Nutrition throughout this period and can honestly say their input and encouragement have been central to this dramatic change in my lifestyle and performance. A combination of their attention to the individual’s needs as well as a pragmatic understanding of how real life intrudes in non professional athletes has been invaluable. So 1:25 next?!!”

“I will never go back to faddy, yo-yo diets. I’m enjoying eating well, my mood has lifted, I never feel hungry. I have a new figure to show off and all I do is smile.”
Jenny – Winner of Saffron Walden’s Biggest Loser

“Its great to have recipes tailored to what I like to eat, its not like being on a diet.”
Steve – Lost an incredible 46lbs in 12 weeks!

“An achievable eating plan with ample food, don’t ever feel hungry”

“Yes you will “wobble”, you will learn that you can have a couple of beers and it won’t be the end of the world! But understanding that being consistent is key. The results – 16% body fat from 30%, 85kg from 100kg and nearly qualifying for the UCI World Cycling Championship!”

“I have more energy through the day & without the slumps that I had put down to age. I was pretty confident that not many nutritionists (or other health professionals for that matter) have had much experience with older men who have spent a lifetime doing different forms of arduous sports & so I wanted advice that was personal for my situation & lifestyle, (the generic advice I have had from GPs, practice nurses & the like haven’t impressed me at all, with their talk of ‘a man of your age…’) Insight Nutrition gave me that confidence by walking the walk & not just talking the talk…

Weight Management Services

Step 1: Nutrition

Dietary Analysis

You keep a 3 day weighed food diary and we analyse it using nutritional software. Feedback includes a detailed breakdown of the nutritional quality of your diet and recommendations for improvements. This can help spot any areas that need to be addressed in addition to gaining useful information on your lifestyle, dietary habits and preferences.

Tailored Meal Plans

We design a 7-day meal plan created especially for you. This includes all meals and snacks taking into account your eating preferences, lifestyle and goals. Your meal plan will include seasonal, colourful and enjoyable recipes, you won’t feel hungry and it won’t feel like being on a diet!. Your meal plan will be based on meals you like to eat and designed according to your metabolic rate. Recipes can be printed or sent to a mobile device.

Workplace Health Assessments

Each employee receives a one-to-one consultation with a nutritionist. We collect a wide range of health related data providing a picture of overall health. Data is analysed and each employee receives a personal health report with appropriate advice. If you are interested in our Workplace Health Assessments please contact us for further information and a quote.

Step 2: Activity


Insight’s 10-Week Weight Loss Programme

Our popular and highly successful weight-loss programme gives you all the resources, support and motivation required to transform your health and well being over a 10-week period and beyond.

Learn how to adjust your lifestyle to hit the right balance between diet and exercise, never diet again, achieve your weight loss goal and maintain it.


7-Day tailored meal plan
Weekly 1:1 support sessions with your personal nutritionist
Tracking of changes to body composition, see beyond BMI & total weight
Health check before and after, includes fitness test, glucose test, full lipid profile, blood pressure assessment and body composition analysis
Exercise programme

Step 3: Support


Regular support is an important part of losing weight and keeping it off. Support sessions are conducted with sensitivity on a 1:1 basis, these meetings will include further advice, motivation and monitoring of changes to body fat and muscle mass. We are there to listen to your feedback and are committed to finding the best solution for you!

Actiheart Analysis

Actiheart is an advanced device that measures the electrical activity of the heart and records all movement. In combination this data provides a very accurate measurement of your daily energy needs. Actiheart can also assess sleep quality and your aerobic fitness (VO2 Max).

With an accurate figure for your daily energy requirements meal plans can be tailored more precisely. If your goal is to achieve weight loss then a realistic and sustainable calorie intake can be set. Some weight loss strategies can be too restrictive making them difficult to maintain. Diets that are too restrictive can result in the loss of muscle mass, reducing metabolism which can stall weight loss.